Strangways knows that investing in real estate development projects can often seem daunting, not to mention time consuming.  At Strangways we manage these aspects of each project and only commission high yielding opportunities.

We provide value in the following core areas:


We offer a range of projects, but our preferred developments are simple to larger scale renovations, planning gain applications, new builds and commercial to residential conversions. 


We perform extensive financial and market due diligence on each project, backing up assumptions with professional reports, quotes and surveys, where needed.  We use detailed analysis to stress test projects and work with our partners to implement adequate safeguards and contingencies in respect of any areas of concern.


We only work with proven partners who have a significant track record of delivery in the relevant type of project and location.  We also do a significant amount of due diligence on the contractors themselves, which includes visiting their current sites and reviewing their previous projects.

Opportunity analysis

We have an extensive risk assessment process which each project is analysed against and given a risk rating. Only the projects below a certain risk threshold are presented to investors.

Deal structuring

We use our background in deal structuring to agree a project that works for both the investor and Strangways. This could be in the form of providing equity, debt or a combination of both.  Being flexible and creative is something we pride ourselves on. 

For further information on joint ventures, equity partnerships or fee-based consultancy please email us.